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insect experience to your venue.
we've been involved in providing travelling exhibitions in the world for many years.and we are the first one to produce talking tree and the first one produce walking dinosaur costume.we are very professional in exhibition design, setup and operations, combined with dedication and passion ensure exhibitions run smoothly and successfully.

Our team is fully committed to creating amazing events, always enjoyable by both children and adults. allows us to work closely with organisers to adapt elements for their specific agenda and local market. Thus, also making each exhibition unique in concept delivery.

Dinosaur Exhibition
Ice age Exhibition
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solid reputation.​
our exhibitions have opened to great success around the world and delighted audiences in museums, science centers, zoos, amusement parks aquarium and other venues. Thanks to our team of experts and our collaborations with our partners, we’ve been able to build an exceptional product and a solid reputation.

Help you to give you a customer a surprise journey by our exhibition .and increasing the income welcome to contact us.

Dinosaur Happy 
Back to the beginning of the "dinosaur age"-the "most immersive" Mesozoic experience
Ice Age Mammals
Ice Age Mammals, set up in the museum's main upstairs gallery, shows the dramatic effects of environmental change over time, from four million to roughly 10,000 years ago. ​