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Elmwood Park Zoo To Launch Dinosaur Exhibit
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NORRISTOWN, PA — Elmwood Park Zoo's exhibits will now stretch back to the Late Jurassic period.

A massive, moving, 65-foot long and 35-foot tall brachiosaurus model is moving into a new exhibit next to the carousel., at the zoo's pond.

A grand opening celebration and debut will be held on Friday, July 19.

In the meanwhile, the zoo is asking for the public's help in naming the new dino. They've put out a survey that currently has eight options:

Dwayne "The Brach" Johnson
Becky with the Long Neck
Bracha Lee
Zacheosaurus the Brachiosaurus
You can cast your vote online here.

Installation for the dino's new home will begin on Sunday, July 14. In addition to the life-size brachiosaurus, the display will feature an interactive dinosaur dig pit, various educational artificats and replicas, and, of course, photo opportunities.

There is no additional charge to access the dino exhibit, but it will not be a permanent feature of the zoo. Organizers did not say how long the friendly sauropod would be in town.

The massive herbivore roamed the Earth between 161 and 145 million years ago, scientists estimate.