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Dino lovers, this one’s for you. At Jurassic Quest, guests come face-to-face with the most majestic creatures ever to grace the Earth. As the largest and most realistic dinosaur tour in North America, the Jurassic Quest exhibit presents over 100 true-to-life size dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. It’s the ultimate place where STEM meets fun, and it’s visiting 23 US between now (Del Mar, California today through Sunday) and its March 29 end date.

An Interactive Dino World Like No Other
jurassic park exhibit
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Guests can explore the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic periods by getting up-close and personal with these colossal creatures that once ruled the Earth. From tiny, baby Brachiosaurs to the massive 24-foot tall Tyrannosaurus rex, all the exhibit’s incredibly lifelike dino replicas were carefully recreated with the help of leading paleontologists.

If getting a close glimpse at your favorite dinos from afar isn’t enough, Jurassic Quest also offers hands-on dino experience. Kids can pet baby dinos, meet towering velociraptors and take a ride on a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex.

Under the Sea
This year’s national Jurassic Quest tour also marks the premiere of Jurassic Quest’s brand-new Ancient Oceans exhibit, featuring life-size replicas of giant prehistoric sea turtles, dolphins, and other marine monsters. At its center rests gigantic, apex predator shark Megalodon, clocking in at 50 feet long.

Combining Learning and Fun
Aside from the tour’s signature animatronic dinos, the Jurassic Quest exhibit also teaches guests all about paleontology with their:

jurassic quest exhibit
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Fossil collection, with real dino bones dating back to over 60 million years
Excavation station, where guests can become an archeologist for a day
Arts and crafts tables
Science stations
Other activities include dino-themed rides, dino bounce houses, and a dino cinema.

Tickets are available onsite or online at General Admission for adults and kids ages 2 to 12 cost $24 a ticket. Tour ends March 29th in Savannah, GA.